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Booze Cube Comprehensive Rules

1. Gameplay

100.  Introduction
These rules are intended for people who want to use custom drinking cards in games of Magic: the Gathering.  These cards and rules are in no way endorsed by Wizards of the Coast, the DCI, Hasbro, or anyone else; they are just parodies of an awesome game, designed to be used as a late-night casual variant by players of legal drinking age.  Drink responsibly, and don’t drink and drive.

101.  Setup

101.1.  Supplies
101.1(a).  To properly play the game, players will need:

(i) beer for chugging;
(ii) things to take shots of; and
(iii) whatever players will be using for their game beverages.
101.1(b).  Players will also need a box of Trivial Pursuit questions (any edition), if they plan to play with the card Trivial Pursuit.

101.2.  Game beverage

101.2(a). At all points during the game, players should have an alcoholic beverage handy to drink from when the game calls for it.
101.2(b). The contents of player’s game beverage are up to him or her, and the player may switch what they are drinking at any time.
101.2(c). Each player's game beverage exists in his or her Command Zone.

2. Mechanics

200.  Drinking

200.1.  Drink X
200.1(a).  Cards with this ability will say “drink”,  “drink X”, or “drink” followed by a number.  
200.1(a)(i). When drink is followed by an X, the specific number is undetermined.  Like normal spells with X in their mana cost, X will take on a specific value when that drinking ability is put on the stack, and considered to have a value of zero when in other game zones.
200.1(a)(ii). Some cards require players to “drink XX”. Like normal spells with “XX” in their mana cost, the total value is equal to the sum of the Xs.
200.1(a)(iii). Cards that say “drink” without a following X or number require the player to drink 1, unless the context requires otherwise.
200.1(b). To drink X, a player takes X normal-sized drinks of his or her game beverage.  As an alternative to taking X discrete drinks, players may choose to drink continuously for X seconds.
200.1(c). Although players may take drinks from their game beverage at will, this doesn’t count as a “drink” for purposes of the game state.

Example: Eat the Worm generates 1/1 tokens when its controller drinks.  Drinking on the side won’t trigger this ability, only drinking as a game action will.
200.1(d). A few cards require players to chug beers or take shots.  Those are mechanically distinct game actions, and do not count as a “drink”.
Example: A player cannot use Designated Drinker’s ability to replace drinks with -1/-1 counters to replace the shot required by Foil Mox’s triggered ETB ability.
200.1(e). Each instance of drink X is a single ability on the stack, treated as if all the real-world drinking it causes happens at once. For example, "drink 2" is one object on the stack, so the individual drinks cannot be responded to separately.

200.2.  Boozetouch
200.2(a).  When a creature with the Boozetouch keyword deals combat damage to a player, that player drinks.
200.2(b).  Because Boozetouch is a triggered ability that causes a player to drink, cards that interact with the drink mechanic will interact with this as well. 

200.3. Intoxicated
200.3(a) Creatures that are Intoxicated deal damage to players in the form of drinks.
200.3(a)(i) When an intoxicated creature deals damage to a player, that player drinks X, where X is the amount of damage it would deal.
200.3(a)(ii) Intoxicated applies to both combat and noncombat damage to players.
200.3(a)(iii) Damage dealt in the form of drinks doesn't cause loss of life.
200.3(b) Creatures that are Intoxicated deal damage to creatures and planeswalkers as normal.
200.3(c) Cards that interact with the drink mechanic will interact with damage caused by an intoxicated creature.

200.4. Drinkcycling
200.4(a) Drinkcycling is just like regular cycling, except that the cost to cycle is always drinking.
200.4(b) Yes, this mechanic could probably be phrased as "Cycling drink X." This was one of the earlier mechanics I created, however, and I'm too lazy to go back and change the cards at the moment. Deal with it.

201.  Chugging
201.1.  Several cards require a player to chug beers. This is a different game action than drinking.
201.2.  To chug a beer, a player consumes an entire can, bottle, glass, or cup of beer in a single attempt.
201.2(a).  The specific vessel to be chugged is up to the player.  
201.2(b).  If the player makes a good faith attempt to chug but is unable to consume the entire beer in one gulp, the player may still finish the remainder. To count as a chug, however, the player must finish the beer before the game continues.  
201.3.  Chugging a beer is a special action and does not use the stack.

202.  Taking Shots
202.1.  Several cards require a player to take shots.  This is a different game action than drinking.
202.2. Players may take a shot of any reasonable alcoholic drink of their choice other than beer, wine coolers, malt beverages, or mixed drinks. Players may not take a shot of what they are drinking as their game beverage unless their game beverage is straight hard liquor.
202.3. Ideally, a shot should be from a standard-sized shotglass (1.5 oz), filled about ¾ of the way to the top.  Players may vary this to account for individual tolerances, glassware availability, and specific circumstances (i.e., Jello Shots).
202.4.  Players may chase their shots, but other players are free to make fun of him or her for being a giant pussy.
202.5. Taking a shot is a special action and does not use the stack.

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