Friday, May 25, 2012

Goldfishing Experiment

It'll probably be at least a week or two before I'll have the opportunity to playtest the cube, so I decided to shuffle up and make a few sample packs to see what I'd pick first.

Pack 1 presented an interesting choice: Spring Break or Captain Morgan?  

On one hand, I could go with Captain Morgan.  If I did, I'd have a sweet planeswalker that can defend himself well, draw cards, and make hilarious emblems to stick on my opponents.  And, of course, I'd be in blue.  On the other hand, Spring Break could fuel some real insanity, depending on what else I can pick up.  The downside, of course, is that I'm committing to GGG right away... but if I can resolve Spring Break, I effectively have infinite mana of any color.  In the end, I choose Spring Break.

Pack 2 presents an even harder choice: Corporate Tutor or Mr. Hankey?

My first impulse is to snap pick Corporate Tutor.  Since it's effectively a double Demonic Tutor for B, I could probably use it to find Spring Break and a huge spell or mana fixing right away.  Drinking 20 to kick Corporate Tutor seems a bit questionable, however, when I'm using it to find Spring Break so that I can start drinking heavily instead of using real mana.  

On the other hand, I can cast Mr. Hankey using green mana and use him to to reanimate some fatties even if I don't have Spring Break.  Also, he's a poo elemental.  Given that I'd probably want to play more than one game before blacking out, I decide to go with Mr. Hankey.

Pack 3 is a lot easier: Voltron or Tequila Wurm?

I'm tempted by Tavern of Heroes, since manlands are always good, but I really need a good fatty to drink out with Spring Break or reanimate with Mr. Hankey.  Voltron is bigger, but I could drinkcycle Tequila Wurm and then reanimate him.  I decide on Voltron, however, since (1) he's colorless and therefore less likely to be passed back and (2) if I'm getting wasted on Spring Break, so are my opponents.

So here are my three first-picks:

Seems like a decent start, but I've played with myself enough for now.  I can't fucking wait to draft this.

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