Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Print Sheets Now Available

You can now download print sheets in the link in the side bar, right below the Visual Spoiler. Note that they contain all of the cards, not just the new ones. Many of the older cards were changed (some major, some minor), and others were cut.  As I've always intended the cube to be integrated with real cards, you should check out the spreadsheet to get a sense of what I have in mind for supplemental support.


UPDATE: The missing Blue and Artifact sheets should now be fixed.
UPDATE: The missing Emblems should now be fixed. Captain Morgan's are with the Pirate Ship tokens, the others are with the rules cards.


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  2. i just downloaded the print sheets and everything is there.

    1. I tried downloading again and now have all the cards. Bizarrely I was previously missing 13 pages. Not sure what the issue was. Thanks for this post though, wouldn't have tried again without it.

  3. What program should I use to print these? If I print to a 8.5 by 13 sheet I keep getting cards that are slightly too large.

  4. I recommend GIMP. It's free, and you can scale the images if they're giving you trouble.

  5. Aach, I spent an hour making a Microsoft Publisher file that contains all the sheets, and now it won't open. Anyhow, if you want to print the sheets the right size on normal 8.5x11 size paper, do the following:
    1) Open Microsoft Word or Publisher and drag in an image onto the page.
    2) Change the height of the image to 29.43 cm (or whatever that is in inches). (Format tab -> [a box with a number] -> enter "29.43")
    3) If you're in Word, you'll need to change the wrapping of the image to Through (Format tab -> Wrap Text button -> Through).
    4) In Page Layout, change the margins of the page to Narrow, and then move the image around until you've roughly centered it.
    5) Print.

  6. can i have a link to where i can download the new stuff i cant find it and im dying to add it to my current booze cube X.x

  7. Would it be possible to get the cards in png/jpg format? In a zip or something? I am going to get them printed on custom poker cards to get some friends into MTG.

    Printing them myself takes waaay too much time and it won't look as nice. :D

    Looking forward to playing it.